As I pondered the gist of the message I wished to share with working professionals as it pertains to always having some form of self defense product with you at all times a couple of recent incidents came to mind. The first involved a human antagonist while the second as it turned out, a coyote.. They both included the use of the popular lipstick/flashlight disguised stun gun.

Last year I was called to a prominent hair salon by a repeat customer who wished to buy a number of these self defense items to give away as gifts to both customers and family members. As it tuned out I was again summoned by the receptionist of the same salon earlier this year. The difference being that many of the hair stylists also lined up to listen to my presentation on the use of self defense products and ended up buying them also.

My interest piqued I asked the receptionist what had happened to entice so many of the workers to buy my self defense products. She regaled me with the story of how the stylist who had bought the lipstick disquised stun guns had given one to her niece the year before.

The niece had met a somewhat nicely dressed young man at the local Starbucks and then went outside to finish her conversation with him. The next thing she knew he had her by the hair and was dragging her either to the ground or his car. She had the sense of mind to reach into her purse, grab her stun gun, and after zapping him was able to make her get away.

The second incident involved a friend of a customer of mine who was out walking her dog in the San Diego area approximately three months ago. While strolling along enjoying the evening coolness she was shocked by the sudden appearance of a coyote intently focused on her beloved pet. Before the coyote could attack and abscond with him she zapped her stun gun into the air. The electrical charge along with the zapping shriek so startled the coyote that it yelped, jumped into the air, and disappeared into the bushes.

In both instances tragedy was averted due to the fact that the individuals were armed with a self defense mechanism and prepared to use them. Other similar situations have   been brought to my attention where either pepper spray or stun guns have played a part in preventing a negative situation from turning into a tragedy.

It is my belief that every individual should carry some form of non lethal deterrent and be ready to use them. Whether it is an unwanted intruder at the office, a disgruntled employee type incident, or over aggressive  panhandler, one should be prepared to the best of their ability to deal with them.

My next article will deal with the aspects of both intuitional awareness and preparing for various emergency type situations. Our self defense, safety, and survival products can be viewed at emergiready.net. If you have any questions in regard to our presentations and/or demonstrations on the use of self defense products or Safety and Security: Both In and Out Of the Workplace feel free to call Louis at 909-994-4604.

Louis Vasquez Jr. Operations Manager Emergiready

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