Recently, while talking to a couple of clients at an upscale salon they brought to my attention the fact that they had been apprehensive  when leaving work at night. The reason being that a few unsavory characters had been lingering around the parking lot as they approached their cars. I then went over some of the tactics to use for self protection which includes the use of pepper spray, stun guns, and domination of the situation.

As many working professionals have to deal with walking to their cars at in the dark, or sometimes feel nervous when entering parking structures, I always stress the fact that it is an imperative to have some form of self defense product if not at the ready, then easily accessible in case the need should arise to use it.

Another important factor I bring to the attention of my classes when teaching Safety and Security: Both In And Out Of Work Place is that if you do carry a form of self defense product not only should you be prepared to use it but have practised in advance the motions of their use so that you are confident and quick when the time comes. Being prepared in advance has saved quite a few individuals from both human assailants and animal attacks in the last few years.

Remember, you can only be prepared to the best of your ability but if you plan ahead and carry some form of personal self defense product with you at all times you will have a better chance of surviving a life threatening type situation.

My website is emergiready.net. For any questions please feel free to call our office at 951-924-4268 or cell at 909-994-4604.

Louis Vasquez Jr.  Operations Manager  Emergiready

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