I received a phone call from a fellow chamber of commerce associate who runs an income tax based business. Her office is located on the main strip of a medium sized city here in southern California and is situated amongst other mixed businesses that include medical, insurance, barbering, eateries, and all of the other emporiums found on any main street U.S.A. And as what seems par for the course the is main strip has attracted its share of homeless, destitute, and drug associated individuals.

While canvassing the area for the last five years making cold calls I had often stopped by to see if they needed any self defense products in case the need should arise for their use. But feeling safe and not having ran into any life threatening situations they would always say, “Maybe next time.”

So when I received the call to stop by as soon as possible I surmised that something had went awry. I was right, there had been an incident where two of the lady associates had been accosted in an abrupt manner and were very fortunate too have escaped unscathed. It was a wake up call to the fact that it is an imperative to be prepared in case a life threatening situation should arise.

Everyone should be prepared to the best of their ability to fend off or deal with situations that can be detrimental to their health or well being…

Next blog. How to prepare yourself and your work environment for unexpected intruders and emergencies.

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