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It is my belief that most office and workplace environments are ill prepared to deal with unexpected intruder intimidation or worse. Rather than listing a litany of previous documented incursions I would like to delve into heart of the matter. That being to both assess and offer pointers on steps that can be taken to prevent what can turn into a life threatening situation.

There are quite a few reasons that most workplace staff aren’t prepared security wise to deal with either an armed intruder encounter or other detrimental threat to their well being. First and foremost is the fact that most individuals have been cloaked in a blanket of security most of their lives and have not had to deal with a life threatening situation. Another root cause for lack of office or business security preparedness is that those in the “higher echelon” or management positions see no reason to have office staff prepared to deal with any type of workplace violence.

This thought process can be attributed to a variety of rationalities which can include insurance liability, home office rules and regulations, or corporate lack of understanding of what the staff has to incur on a daily basis. These threat type scenarios can range the gamut from having to work in an area frequented by homeless or vagrant  entities, leaving work late at night and either walking to a large parking lot or having  to enter an underground parking facility.

There are many forms of self defense products that are considered to be non life threatening, cost is minimal, are easily concealed and readily available, and just as important, are legal in most states. These products have saved a few of my clients and/or pets lives. Many of them have given them too family members attending school, truckers keep them for both flashlight and protection, and various clients who feel more secure at work in realtor offices, salons, doctors offices, etc.,

I have always stressed the fact that it is an imperative for each and every individual to be prepared to the best of their ability to protect theirs and their loved ones lives whether it be in or out of the workplace. In part 2 of  “Security In The Workplace” I will give both an insight into steps that can be taken to make the office/workplace a more secure environment and the proper use of self defense products that can be used to mitigate an intruder based incident.

Most important is to always, as much as possible, follow your intuition whenever it senses that something is awry. Confidence in oneself that you can deal with an emergency or life threatening situation that may affect you or your coworkers is also paramount when planning ahead to address these problems..

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Louis Vasquez Jr. Operations Manager, Emergiready

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