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Guard Dog Harm & Hammer – Keychain pepper spray + escape hammer


Guard Dog Harm & Hammer

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Guard Dog Harm & HammerGuard Dog Security, the world’s most innovative personal security brand, presents the first and only self defense and emergency survival tool in a keychain ready design, the Harm & Hammer. Packing a powerful duel combo punch, the Harm & Hammer utilizes red pepper spray with the leverage of a built-in steel-point emergency glass-break hammer. Harm any potential assailant with up to 16 feet of distance defense by temporarily immobilizing them in the event of use. Hammer with a swift removal of the keychain to effortlessly shatter glass in the event you are forced to escape water flooding or fire in a car, home or office setting. Together, the Guard Dog Harm & Hammer offers lifesaving protection in any dire situation without the need of training or professional background. Utilize with the peace of mind deserved with Guard Dog’s industry-exclusive Protected 4 Life program, replacing your pepper spray for free in the event of use. Be protected and be prepared with the compact Guard Dog Harm & Hammer keychain pepper spray with glass breaker.


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